Trinity Adult Sunday School

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It has been my pleasure and privilege to lead an Adult Sunday School at Trinity Baptist since the fall of 2016.   Currently we are going through a Systematic Theology trying to summarize biblical teaching on a bunch of different topics.  We’re trying to present the major themes (ie doctrines) of the Christian faith in an organized and ordered overview.  To that end, each subject attempts to integrate biblical, historical and sometimes philosophical theology into the class.  I definitely try to keep my own thoughts and biases out of it, and the notes should reflect that, but the classes sometimes go down my rabbit trails, especially if I’m baited that way.

As I am not one to re-invent the wheel, especially when there are so many different wheels already available, I’m following the general outline (and a lot of content) of the Systematic Theology course available online at  I’m doing my best to strip the bias from the lecturers while I augment issues I think are worth discussing especially from our Baptist perspective.

Below are the class notes so far.   Many of them need significant editing as I often have them ready “just in time” for the class.  Such editing is usually left for the next go round!  Please forgive the often casual tone in them.  I will endeavor to have notes up by the Monday following any class we have.

First Date PresentedClass NotesMost Recently Presented
10/09/201601 - Calvinism and Arminianism10/09/2016
10/23/201602 - Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism10/23/2016
10/30/201603 - Liberalism, Neo-Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism10/30/2016
11/06/201604 - Doctrine of Scripture11/06/2016
11/20/201605 - Special Revelation11/20/2016
11/27/201706 - Inerrancy11/27/2017
12/04/201607 - Canonicity12/04/2016
01/29/201708 - Theism and Proof of God's Existence01/29/2017
02/05/201709 - Our Ability to Know God - Trinity Intro02/05/2017
02/12/201710 - The Trinity02/12/2017
03/12/201711 - Attributes of God - An Introduction03/12/2017
03/26/201712 - Attributes of God that we share with Him03/26/2017
04/02/201713 - Attributes of God04/02/2017
04/23/201714 - Attributes of God continued04/23/2017
10/01/201715 - Angels10/01/2017
11/12/201716 - Doctrine of Humanity: Introduction and Beginnings11/12/2017
11/26/201717 - Doctrine of Humanity: Man's Constitution11/26/2017

If you want to bring anything to my attention or have any questions regarding these classes, please let me know!